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About Us

Over A Century Old Brewing Legacy

Welcome to Thé Blending Co. – The experiential premium tea e-commerce platform connecting farmers and consumers!

Our Mission
From Lush Estates

Our sole mission is to deliver the freshest of the tea leaves for which we make every effort! We do not believe in increasing our profits by procuring lower quality teas. Instead, we work closely with our partner estates to ensure that only the best whole leaf teas reach your doorstep. And, we’re absolutely happy that way!

Our Commitment
By Experts

For tea lovers, commitment to the freshest quality tea comes naturally! Since our establishment, we are endeavouring to uphold this commitment every day. Our thinking goes beyond to a staple part of daybreaks. An exceptional cup of tea, for us, has a more exalted place in one’s life. We will never deliver you anything but the best whole leaf teas grown in the estates. We consciously make an effort to pluck only the best shoots from the top of the tea bush to maintain the quality of teas. Although this does reduce our volume of production, we truly believe that only the best leaves should reach your cuppa every day. Over the last 8 decades, we have mastered the art of handcrafting tea leaves for their consistency, colour, aroma, and purity.

Our Promise

Amazing quality, product choice, and customer service! Your ordered package will arrive on time and well packed, with clear descriptions and instructions. It will be great and you’ll love to try it. Many people across the world over loved it, as well.

Choose the right blend based on our guidance!

Our guided tea selection procedure makes it easier for anyone, from an amateur to a connoisseur to blend their favourite cuppa. We, at Thé Blending Co, provide guidance to you at every step of the tea blending process.

No middleman! Direct from source to your doorstep within a week!

Wine ages well, Tea doesn’t! We believe that tea enthusiasts around the world should have an opportunity to try their teas in its freshest form. The current supply, consisting of multiple traders, wholesalers and retailers, is a long one and by the time you have your cuppa, it is already 8-9 months old. To preserve the freshness of teas, we banish all the middlemen in the current supply chain and deliver the teas to you in less than a week.

Luxurious Packaging

The exposure of tea leaves to oxygen deteriorates the flavour of the tea. Thus, hampering the taste and freshness. To ensure that you enjoy every sip of the brew as much as we enjoy making them for you, we vacuum pack our teas to prevent oxidization of tea leaves, thus, retaining their authentic flavour. And, we do so right at the source to prevent any damage during transportation and shipping.

Know Where Your Teas Are Coming From?

It is very important to know where your teas come from. Different regions produce different varieties of tea and define the quality of leaves. The current supply chain, with 7-8 middlemen, makes it very difficult for you to trace back your everyday cuppa. We, at Thé Blending Co., believe that you should know where your teas are coming from. By connecting the farmers directly to you, we ensure that there is transparency in the entire process and that you can trace back your cup right back to the tea gardens and farmers.

Customize your teas as per your preferences!

Allow us to understand your preferences, taste style and tea drinking habits so that we can provide you with a custom selection of teas to match your choices. With us, you also get to order tea samplers for experimenting with multiple blends.

Convenience at your doorstep! Exclusive membership for tea lovers!

Do you want your preferred choice of teas regularly delivered to your doorstep? Subscribe to our plans and get access to some season special blends including new additions of flavours. You can choose your frequency interval and we will make sure that you never face a tea crisis!

Send a gift!

Gift your loved ones, colleagues, and peers, our hand-crafted teas packed in luxury tea boxes right from the source.